Literary and expository texts as well as audio-visual materials prepare students to read and discuss German fiction and non-fiction with understanding and enjoyment. Review of the chief aspects of German grammar. Stresses improvement of reading facility and vocabulary with continued practice in speaking and writing. Prerequisite: GERMAN 120 or equivalent.
Dialogues, reading selections from print and electronic sources, and grammar exercises for basic communication, a good understanding of the fundamentals of German grammar, and an introduction to the traditions and institutions of the German-speaking countries. For those with no previous training in German.

In this 4-credit course, taught in English, students will engage with selected folk and fairy tales primarily focusing on collections by the Brothers Grimm and tales written by Hans Christian Andersen, locating them in the 19th-century German or Danish culture of their origins and then examining how they became transformed into perennial favorites of U.S. popular culture through their adaptations by Disney (feature animation films). Importantly, in doing so we will explore and discuss how folk and fairy tales have shaped and continue to impact ideologies of identity and belonging, particularly in constructed categories such as gender, race, sexuality, and ability. This is an introductory course; there are no prerequisites, and no prior knowledge is required. (GenEd AL+DG)