Continuation of ITAL 230. Readings, discussion, revision of grammar and exercises. Improvement of basic language skills: speaking, writing, reading and understanding. Course taught in Italian. Prerequisites: ITAL 120 or 126
Thatcher House, by arrangement. First year Programs feature small classes or discussion sections of lecture classes taught in the residence halls. In order to participate, students must register for at least two residentially based courses in each of their first two semesters at the University. Honors Colloquium (ITALIAN HO1) available.
The class, entirely conducted in English, gives an overview of Italian culture through the aspects that most crucially influenced world culture: geography, material culture, food, lyrical poetry, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the courts, politics, opera, and democratic reaction to dictatorship. Authors include Dante, Boccaccio, Machiavelli, Castiglione, Verdi, and Gramsci. Texts will be in English translation by general students and in the original Italian by the majors and minors.
Consolidation of language skills (esp. speaking, reading and writing). Students will broaden their exposure to Italian culture and literature through progressively more complex readings, writing, and other cultural experiences (music, film, etc.) Conducted in Italian; will count as an elective towards the Major or Minor. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Italian 240 or 246 or permission of the Department.
Course taught in English. Re-examines Italian neo-realism and the filmmakers' project of social reconstruction after Fascism. How Italian film produces meanings and pleasures through semiotics and psychoanalysis, so as to understand the specific features of Italian cinema, its cultural politics, and the Italian contribution to filmmaking and formal aesthetics. Course taught in English. (Gen. Ed. AT)