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This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of product development as well as current topics and concerns in the food industry. Student teams will develop a food product from concept to production. This project will incorporate the student?s knowledge in chemistry, engineering, microbiology as well as social sciences. A market analysis will involve investigation of current food movements and health concerns. Students will also learn basic engineering concepts in order to produce their product in a pilot scale-plant. Satisfies the IE requirement
Overview of microbiology principles as applied to nutrition and food systems. There is an emphasis on promoting beneficial microbes in the human gut microbiome and in food fermentations.
Food preservation methods such as sterilization methods, refrigeration, freezing, drying explained in terms of physical, chemical, and biological principles. Their implementation in industrial processes and impact on society evaluated. (Gen.Ed. PS)
The role of food processing and ingredient technology on food quality and safety, including principles and methods of food processing, food standards and regulation, quality control and assurance, and overviews of engineering, chemical, microbiological, and nutritional concerns.
Biological and chemical principles underlying the maintenance of food quality during the period after harvest to consumption. Topics include chemical, enzymic, physical, and biological deterioration; implications and prevention; food toxicology. (Gen.Ed. BS)