Lab. Continuation of basic conducting. Score analysis, interpretation, rehearsal techniques, repertoire selection. Conducting in class. Prerequisite: MUSIC 325.
A study of the music of the Classical period based on a reading of Rosen's The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven; listening and score study. Prerequisite: MUSIC 301.
Introduction to style analysis through listening to masterworks; basic concepts and practice of listening for ethnic and/or historical styles in music; the application of style-analytic listening to performance, criticism, and musical commentary. Prerequisite: ability to read music. (Gen.Ed. AT)
A survey of opera from its beginnings ca. 1600 to the present. Emphasis on formal and stylistic developments, opera as drama, literary sources and libretti. Reading, listening, score study, and viewing videotaped performances.
The main goal of this course is to provide an overview of the development of Western Music, Jazz, Popular Music, and World Music from 1900 to the present. The course is lecture-based, organized chronologically, and will focus on changes in musical style throughout the time period, and seek correlations among music and other disciplines--reminding students to make specific connections with disciplines they have experienced in general education courses outside the department. Satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-Music and BMus-Music students.
For graduate and undergraduate singers, coaches, and accompanists. English/German and French/Italian in alternate semesters, using International Phonetic Alphabet.