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The nutrients and their metabolic fate. The interdependent and interrelated nature of nutrients, and the effects of diet upon metabolic functions.
This class is designed to help you reflect and integrate what you have learned from your nutrition coursework as well as that from your Gen Ed courses and other experiences that have contributed to your development on the way to your final year at UMass. The goal of this course is for students to develop insight into the epidemiologic, physiologic, biochemical and nutritional complexities of major diet-related diseases in the United States. It satisfies the Integrated Experience requirement for BS-Nutrition majors.
With lab. Meal management; emphasis on nutritional, economic, time, ethnic, and cultural factors. Experimental application of the chemical and physical properties of food in food preparation.
This course is designed to build skills and techniques required to effectively plan, implement and evaluate nutrition education in diverse communities. This course is also a Service Learning course, and as such provides an opportunity for students to apply nutrition knowledge through team-based projects, in collaboration with community partners.
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This course introduces students to motivational interviewing (MI) skills, as well as nutrition counseling theories and strategies necessary to help facilitate behavior change. It provides instruction on inclusive and culturally appropriate nutrition education strategies for use across the lifespan. Students will hone their Nutrition Care Process (NCP) skills by conducting nutrition assessments, identifying appropriate nutrition diagnoses, and writing PES statements that are fundamental to creating effective nutrition interventions. Focus of the NCP work will be on nutrition interventions emphasizing education and counseling strategies. Thus, non-DPD (dietetic) nutrition students may take and benefit from this course as well. Students will practice their MI skills by participating in role-play activities in and out of the classroom. Course prerequisite is Nutrition 352. Nutrition 480, 580 and 582 (formerly 597M) are helpful but not required.