This two-semester Honors Thesis Seminar is designed for seniors in the Commonwealth Honors College with recent experience in service-learning and/or community engagement who wish to deepen their praxis - the combination of theory and practice - within their chosen area of community work. Throughout the spring semester, students work both in the classroom and with a self-selected community partner and develop a collaborative civic/community engagement project. The civic/community engagement project will address a real-world issue or problem associated with the work of the selected community organization, group, or constituency. Guided by their community partner, students will complete a project that addresses an issue of justice, equity, or social support for a particular constituency. Through the auspices of the class and under the direction of the community partner advisor, students will define and address the issue or problem, as well as communicate its significance to a public audience.
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The BOLTWOOD Project is a course that supports a student-run civic engagement and leadership program designed to provide enrichment, recreation, and socialization for adults and children of diverse intellectual or physical ability. Under the guidance and supervision of student leaders, students enrolled in this course participate in small groups that organize weekly enrichment activities at multiple sites throughout the region. Through participation in seminars and weekly sessions at a variety of service provider sites, students build friendships across differences of ability, and develop strategies to oppose ableism through a deepened understanding of the opportunities, challenges, and complex lives of people with disabilities.
This is the second semester course in the Community Scholars Program. Students learn the use of such tools as social justice theory, contemplative practice, and group dynamics to support them in collective work toward structural change regarding a significant social problem.