This seminar meets weekly for one hour and is intended for ENVSCI seniors who want to jump-start their entry into a career by honing their resumes, developing an elevator pitch that clearly and succinctly communicates their "personal brand," participating in mock interviews, and utilizing advanced functions in LinkedIn and USAJobs to search out and apply for potential career positions post-graduation.
This course is designed to introduce first-year students, new Environmental Science majors and transfer students to a variety of faculty and environmental science research at UMASS Amherst, with the goal of helping students identify their particular interest and focal area within the discipline. Students will be able to use this information to locate independent study research opportunities, to select upper-level course work, and to further narrow their interests with the broad scope of topics that fall under the Environmental Science heading.
This course will explore some of the career opportunities available to graduates of the Environmental Science major. Periodic guest speakers will present seminars about career opportunities in both private consulting and public agency sectors of the environmental arena. Students will investigate the various focus areas available within Environmental Science (e.g., policy and law, global change ecology, habitat restoration, environmental toxicology, natural resource inventory and assessment, hazardous waste remediation? etc.) with a goal of planning their upper-level elective course selections. Students will be introduced to a variety of minors, certificates, and double majoring opportunities that would add value to their undergraduate degrees. Time will be spent building an individualized curriculum plan to meet specific career goals and outcomes for each student.
Fundamental areas of environmental science presented in an integrated, interdisciplinary sequence: 1) environmental toxicology, 2) toxins in food and the environment, 3) environmental fate and degradation of toxicants. Prerequisites: ENVIRSCI 214 and organic chemistry.