Examination of various Japanese performance aspects: literary texts on stage, architecture of traditional and modern theaters, gendered acting, social backgrounds of actors and audiences, music and dance. We'll read plays, a history of Japanese theater, and an anthropological study of gendered acting. We'll see films based on plays, and educational videos. Field trips to Japanese performing arts on stage. (Gen. Ed. AL, DG)
Japan has become a phenomenally successful exporter of pop culture. This course will give students tools to understand Manga and Anime; it will investigate the role Manga and Anime play in Japan; and, it will examine ways that Manga and Anime flow from one place to another. Course is conducted entirely in English.
This non-intensive third year Japanese course continues to train students to work exclusively with authentic materials. Strong emphasis on oral proficiency and developments of composition skills, while also increasing kanji recognition and production. Taught primarily in Japanese.