The course will provide an overview of some of the major Italian literary works of the modern times, from the 1600s to contemporary times. It will specifically address the concept of "Modernity" in the literary field in relation with artistic and philosophical movements and with the social and cultural changes leading to the development of Italian contemporary culture. Two formal assignments, midterm, presentations and final paper. Course taught in Italian.
Thatcher Hall, by arrangement. First year Programs feature small classes or discussion sections of lecture classes taught in the residence halls. In order to participate, students must register for at least two residentially based courses in each of their first two semesters at the University. Honors Colloquium (ITALIAN HO1) available.
The course examines those films produced in Italy right after WWII that not only signed the birth of a modern democratic nation out of a millenary tradition, but also influenced filmmaking on a global level by providing the most decisive alternative to Hollywood.