Introduction to geotechnical engineering in the marine environment. Topics include the coastal geomorphology, behavior of marine sediments, marine site investigations, offshore geohazards, hydrodynamic loading, design and installation of offshore foundations and anchors, pipeline/riser/cable geotechnics.
Analysis and design of structural members subjected to axial loads, torsion and bending deflection of beams, behavior of columns and transformation of stress and strain.
Introduction to the design of water and wastewater systems. Topics include water supply, design of transmission and distribution systems, drinking water treatment, wastewater collection and design of sanitary sewers, and wastewater treatment systems. Prerequisite: CE-ENGIN 357 and CE-ENGIN 370.
With Lab. Introduction to environmental engineering with a focus on physical, chemical, and biological principles. Topics include environmental standards and legislation, material balances, reaction kinetics, environmental chemistry and microbiology, biogeochemical cycles, water quality, water resources, air quality, and solid and hazardous wastes. Prerequisite: MATH 331 and CHEM 112 Corequisite: CE-ENGIN 357
Introduction to finite element method in engineering science. Derivation of element equations by physical, variational, and residual methods. Associated computer coding techniques and numerical methods. Applications. Prerequisites: programming ability, ordinary differential equations, basic matrix algebra. Same as M&I-ENGIN 605.
Introductory structural analysis. Calculation of forces, moments, and deformations for axially loaded and flexural structures including trusses, beams, frames, arches, and cables. Classical and computer methods used. Prerequisite: CE-ENGIN 241 or M&I-ENG 211.
Introduction to decision making techniques used in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Develop and solve mathematical models for optimizing engineering systems. Use basic economic concepts to make decisions between alternative engineering designs. Incorporate environmental sustainability and social issues into engineering decisions. Prerequisite: ENGIN 111 and MATH 132.