Supplemental course for students who have completed ECE 242 (Data Structures and Algorithms) or COMPSCI 187 (Programming with Data Structures). Homework assignments and projects within Fast Fourier Transforms and Algorithms needed for Machine Learning. Python required.
We investigate the state-of-the-art in reconfigurable computing both from a hardware and software perspective. Initially, we review in detail the basic building blocks of most reconfigurable computers, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). These physical limitations are then contrasted with computer-aided design issues such as the selection of circuit component locations in devices (the placement problem) and subsequent circuit interconnection between components (the routing problems).
A comprehensive introduction to computer programming with applications to various areas in electrical and computer engineering. Limited to ENGIN majors.
An introduction to using computer applications to solve engineering problems. Learning the rudiments of MATLAB and Excel in order to design and/or visualize systems. Emphasis is on learning to use these applications appropriately and efficiently, with well structured code that is commented and includes checks to find errors.
Not available at this time
Properties of complex numbers. Rectangular, exponential, and graphical representations of complex numbers. Euler's identity and translating between representations. Basic and advanced operations with complex numbers, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, as well as exp(z), ln(z), a^z, and z^a. Applying knowledge of complex numbers to linear algebra and differential equations using MATLAB.
Complex numbers. First-order differential equations. Matrices and systems of linear equations. Vector spaces and linear transformations. 2nd-order linear differential equations and the Laplace transform. Systems of differential equations.
The theory of digital circuits and computer systems stressing general techniques for the analysis and synthesis of combinational and sequential logic systems. Limited to ENGIN EE and CSE majors.