Increases the size and expands the range of vocabulary of advanced ESL students for academic writing, speaking, and listening. Develops fluency through study and practice of lexical phrases. Promotes mastery of the University Word List, developed by researchers, of the most frequently found words in authentic texts in various academic disciplines.
In this course, students will work on developing and improving their academic expression in order to better meet the demands of the university's academic community. Students will be encouraged to create, revise and reshape their ideas, allowing them to develop insightful arguments that are both research-driven and well-expressed. The course develops informed and independent thinkers by emphasizing deep reading and critical engagement in various modes of academic communication.
This course is focused on creating written products that are discipline specific and based on original research. Students will read and analyze research papers within their fields; practice writing abstracts, various sections of research reports, and posters for presentations, as well as other products. The course will consist of tasks associated with the academic writing process, and throughout, there will be an emphasis on the conventions of academic written English, including grammatical concepts, vocabulary and highly frequent collocations.