The Deans’ Student Advisory Council (DSAC), a student advisory committee for the College of Natural Sciences. The goal of the Deans’ Student Advisory Council is to help the College of Natural Sciences identify issues of importance and concern to our undergraduate students as well as to determine and implement solutions. 

 As a DSAC member you will:

  • Meet with deans of the College of Natural Sciences 3 or 4 times a semester to discuss the topic of that meeting.  This year you will be meeting the new interim Dean of CNS Nate Whitaker and will help us improve your student experience.
  • Talk with your friends and fellow CNS majors about their experiences and gather ideas and suggestions for enriching the student experience.
  • Connect with other students in your major and serve as liaisons with your department.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on current and future CNS plans and proposals that impact undergraduates.
  • Be a part of improving the culture and practices of CNS for current and future students.
  • Be able to add your DSAC membership to your resume.